Jenny Kelpe

Hood To Coast


In 2016 I was asked to join a running group for a 2 day, 318k race that starts on Mt. Hood and finishes in Seaside, Oregon. Along with the general race info I was sent our mascot named Eugene, who is stretched out in full George Costanza on a black couch. Almost immediately I asked the team organizer if he would be interested in changing up the design and began rebranding the whole team.



As you can see the original design left much to be desired design-wise and required a special printing process. In the running world you want your team to stand out and with a CMYK print you are limited to mainly white tees, which DO NOT stay clean in a van for 48 straight hours. They were also restricted by the pixel density in their logo which made large scale printing an issue as well.



As usual I couldn't help but offer my services not only as a graphic designer but as someone with intimate knowledge of garment materials and pricing, who could oversee the t-shirt printing process and hand deliver the finished product. My aim was to take their original logo that they have been using since 2013 and make it bolder and more versatile. With this logo they are able to change the garment color every year, should they so choose, or have multiple smaller teams with the same logo since it prints only in black and white on colored backgrounds. Eugene stays prominent on the front in his goofy stance but not he was on their previous shirts and posters.



Laird Goodman, the organizer of the group, was so enthralled with the design and the subsequent signage I had planned to print on sheets of paper, that he got a rush order of massive vinyl posters to cover all 4 vehicles involved in the race. We were truly a professional looking group, despite the team name, and certainly made an impression on all the participants of Hood To Coast 2016.


Since Hood To Coast is a fund raising race, we asked for donations from friends, family, and local businesses. I thought it would be nice to have thank you cards that everyone could mail or email out to their donors that had a secondary logo, one a little bit more family friendly than our current one. For the Goodmans, our race coordinators, I got them jackets with the same green used in our tee shirts than were heat pressed with the secondary logo in a reflective material for both looks and running safety. I also added a wine tote as a thank you for letting me join that had a little innuendo of my own making! These jackets will be added to the team gear lineup in the coming years as well as bags and headbands.