Jenny Kelpe

Santa Margarita Animal Care Center



In 2007 I began completely re-branding the hospital at which I worked as a veterinary assistant. None of their branding had been touched since 1988 and their online presence wasn't cohesive with the image they wanted to portray. As I got further into the process I took a look at not just the logos and promo materials, but the everyday forms used to communicate vital information, many of which were in serious need of a redesign.


Screen Shot 2017-02-16 at 3.17.48 PM.png


I started with the logo, one that they had paid for in the late 80's and visually seemed to be stuck in that era as well. A state of the art facility deserves a more modern logo that still feels classic and trustworthy, not so new that is it off-putting to long time customers, but enough to show that this business belongs in the 21st century.

Along with the logo I was tasked with creating promotional dental posters that showed current pricing in relation to the breed and weight of the pet. 6 months later I updated the pricing and the graphics to relate more to the summer season and feel more current when it is posted.



When I decided to attempt redesigning the hospital forms, I started with boarding sheets since they seemed to be the most congested, the hardest to read, and one of the more important sheets dictating specific care guidelines for each individual pet. The above left was created by a former office manager and it tries to cram all possible information on one sheet that goes to both the client and the pet care attendants in the boarding facilities. I thought it unnecessary that the important information like dietary and medication needs were bogged down by the chunks of liability sign offs, increasing the possibility that some of that information could be missed by both parties when filling out and following the form. My idea was to separate the policy information onto a second sheet that once signed by the pet owner, could be put behind the other sheet in the chart so that all of the information needed in-house was on top and easily readable.


I also created a labeling system for the forms that goes by both shape and color, which I thought might elucidate the organization process in the front office when locating and handing out each sheet to customers. The system was inspired by the periodic table, while still feeling approachable to clients without a science background. The boarding form above, along with many others were are are available for customer download to fill out before their visit on the new website HERE


The most extensive undertaking was definitely the recreation of their entire website. The original was created by VetMatrix, a service company specific for veterinarians to handle all of their online needs. They recently revamped their look but it still felt very clumsy and impersonal, with certain fields in misalignment and request forms taking you to separate sites. I started from ground zero using Squarespace and added all of my own branding, photos, and copy to make it feel like an accurate representation of the owners and the staff who work there. The expected launch date will be summer 2017 but you can explore both sites below right now!